Facility Committee

The Facility Committee is charged with supporting the Board of Education decision making process regarding District facility planning and usage. During the 2013-14 SY, the committee has been building on previous District planning work on how to meet student enrollment.  Current Facility Committee members are:
  • Lynn Stuckey, Board Member
  • Matthew Foster, Executive Director of Business Services
  • Amy Lozar, Elementary Teacher
  • Avona Greene, Student
  • Bruce Knight, City Planner and Parent
  • Cedric Jones, Student
  • Dan McCall, Community Member
  • Elizabeth Stegmaier, UofI Facility Planner and Community Member
  • Holly Nelson, Community Member
  • Joan Dykstra, Village of Savoy Board Member
  • John Currey, Teacher and Community Member
  • Mark Ritz, Ex-Officio Member
  • Mike Somers, Parent
  • PJ Trautman, Community Member
  • Dan Bechtel, Community Member

Facilities Committee Presentation to the Board of Education 03-10-2014

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